14th September, 2011 13:15-15:30

Special Session: GIS and Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

In March, 2011, The huge earthquakes and tsunamis hit on the Pacific coast took many people's lives and destroyed beautiful natures. Especially in affected area by tsunami, there are many settlements where we cannot imagine what existed before. Here we realize that aerial photos and satellite images play an important role to preserve memories and consider the future in these areas. Furthermore many people find the value of positional information and maps that have helped various relief activities./
 The aim of the special session is to share experiences of national institutes, NPOs and GIS venders at that disastrous earthquakes and tsunamis and think of roles of spatial thinking and geographic information sciences at such disasters. (with interpretation)

  • Speakers
  • Sasagawa, Tadashi Ph.D. (Division chef and Corporate Director, Satellite Division, PASCO Corporation)
  • Utilization of satellite data in East Japan disaster
  • Nagayama, Toru (Executive Officer for Disaster Management, Planning Department, Geospatial Information Authority of Japan)
  • Provision of geo-spatial information related to the Great East Japan Earthquake from Geo-spatial Information Authority of Japan
  • Hamamoto, Ryota (Senior Manager, Consulting Services, ESRI Japan)
  • Utilization of GIS in East Japan disaster
  • Murashima, Yoichi (Project Manager, Consulting Engineer, Protection tsunami disaster, Kokusai Kogyo Co., LTD.)
  • Utilization of tsunami numerical analysis for East Japan disaster
  • Yagi, Koichi (Assistants Manager, Transport and Logistics Project, ITS Japan)
  • ITS Japan Activities for disaster relief operation