16th September, 2011 13:30-14:30

Collaborative Mobility: Using Geographic Information Science to Build Cooperative Transportation Systems

Harvey J. Miller

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It is increasingly clear that many of the existing transportation systems in the world are inefficient, inequitable and unsustainable. In many places, we have evolved a rigid transportation monoculture that forces people to adapt to the system rather than a flexible, responsive and user-friendly transportation polyculture that can adapt more easily to people and their activities. However, creating a flexible and responsive transportation system will require more coordination and cooperation across a variety of spatial scales and time horizons than is evident in our current, competitive systems. This lecture will discuss the role of collaboration in developing the next generation of transportation systems, and the use of geographic information science in facilitating cooperation across space and time for strategic, tactical and operational decision-making in transportation.

  • Speaker
  • Harvey J. Miller
  • Harvey J. Miller is Professor of Geography at the University of Utah. His research interests involve the use of geographic information science and technologies to study things that move, especially people within cities.