welcome to STGIS2011

The international conference "Spatial Thinking and Geographic Information Sciences" was held at the University of Tokyo from the 14th through the 16th September, 2011. This conference was a great opportunity for all scholars studying on spatial thinking and geographic information science to get together to share our findings and world-leading research from our contributors with participants from all over the world.

Program during the conference is here

Proceedings are here (Jump to the page of Elsevier).
☆If you need a printed version of the proceedings, please contact us.

Keynotes[14-16, September]
Three keynotes during STGIS2011. These sessions will is not only just ordinal presentations or speeches by world leading scholars, but also a place to exchange their opinions. Details on each session: here

Special session: GIS and Great East Japan earthquake and tsunami [14th September]
How GISs have contributed to the huge earthquakes, aftershocks and Tsunamis hitting east Japan on 11th March 2011? This session will share government's, companies' and NPOs' experiences and information to think what we can do when faced with disasters. Detail is here. (with simultaneous interpretation)

Special Exhibition " Great East Japan earthquake and GISc" and "Hands-on exhibition: enjoy spatial thinking and GISc"
During STGIS2011 you will see many important pictures and maps of areas affected by earthquakes and tsunamis to know how to utilize GISc. Also you will feel spatial thinking and GISc with latest technologies at the hands-on exhibition.

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